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About me

Hi there ~~

I’m a 3D artist. I have participated in many different large and small projects in my country and abroad, as well as had the opportunity to cooperate with several clients, agencies and large studios.

I realize the fact that 3D projects or media products for marketing are increasingly demanding in terms of visuals and the demand for it is increasing. With such a large workload, sometimes my colleagues and I have to look to the render service to speed up the progress while still using the personal machine to work.

I know there are a lot of these service providers and you know … they all claim to be the ones who bring the most convenient service, take the least time, the best price, the most enthusiastic support, … This is really confusing for those looking, especially when most of the 3d artists are very busy and do not have time to thoroughly study the render farms.

So I created this website to list the render farms as well as publish my comparisons and suggestions to help those in need easily find information and have the most suitable options.

Besides, as you can see, the website name is Rating-Renderfarm, so I would like to welcome everyone to experience and leave real reviews of themselves (absolutely no advertising or PR comments, I will review and remove them), both for people to have a more objective assessment, and for the render farm to promote and improve their services.

Hope to receive your support. Sincerely thank you!

contact me

If you have any questions or any problems with my catalog, please mail me:

We appreciate your help. And we’ll be glad to get any response from you!

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