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Top 3 Low price Render Farm

low price render farm
Low price render farm

In addition to service quality, price is really a factor to consider when you need to hire a render farm. Choosing a low price render farm helps you maximize profits while minimizing costs in the unfortunate situation that you get a wrong render due to a personal error.

Render FarmPowerAdvantageDisadvantage
3S Cloud Render Farm– CPU: 48/72/96 threads, 96-192GB RAM
– GPU: 1/4/8x cards Tesla V100/T4
– Very easy to use
– No queue
– $5 free trial & Unlimited free preview render
– Fast live support
– Only support 5 software: Maya, 3Dsmax, Houdini, C4D, and Blender
Superrendersfarm– CPU: 2x Intel XEON E5-2670 v2, 48-128GB RAM
– GPU: GTX 1080Ti
– Low price, of course
– $25 free trial
– Not 24/7 support
– Many uninstalled plugins and latest version softwares.
– Sometimes not enough machines
Concierge Render – Only GPU NVIDIA– No queue
– $5 free trial & free preview
– Only support Blender, Cinema 4D and Redshift

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