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Tips to choose a good render farm

Tips to choose a good render farm

There are many render farms to go for and you may get in a mess because of much information they show to visitors. So here I list some tips to choose a good render farm for your need.

Tips to choose a good render farm
Tips to choose a good render farm
  1. Software and plugins. Some of the render farms support most of the mainstream software and plug-ins, while others don’t. You can check on the render farms web to see if your software is supported. If you are using some software and plug-ins that are not particularly mainstream, don’t worry you can also directly ask online customer service for help. At the same time, their team also supports custom niche software and plug-ins.
  2. Easy-to-use. Maybe it’s a little confusing at the first time use. But you are looking for a service that will be used for a long time to save the time of rendering, I’d prefer an easy-to-use render farm cause I don’t want to waste too much time operating on it. Render farms usually offer a video tutorial that you can find on their web. Doing some comparisons can save you more time when you use it in the future.
  3. Price. That’s something we usually care about the most. I don’t really like to do calculations because many factors affect when doing a real rendering so calculator tools can’t show the right estimate. So I just submit the same frame to different render farms by using the test fee they offered for a free trial. You can combine the previous two points to compare the test results and choose a farm with a more reasonable rendering time and rendering cost. Remember to confirm that there are no additional charges other than the usage fee for the rendering node.
  4. Service. Technical errors are a common problem in this industry so the timeliness of the farm’s support will be particularly important when problems appear to get the outputs on time. Only then did I know that they would always monitor tasks for customers and provide timely feedback when problems arise.

Hope this article can provide you several useful tips to choose a good render farm!

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