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different between CLOUD RENDERING RENDER FARM and traditional render farm

Cloud rendering render farm is a render center that you can send your asset and render from far away. They are connected by the internet, “Cloud”, means internet, for eg, you are in Singapore and you use cloud render AWS, their servers in the US, you can use transmission tool and others to control their nodes to render your files, it can save your local hardware. 3D artists can upload their tasks to the services providers, and download their final render results when completed. It is virtualized with the core power of Render Farm, connecting thousands of powerful computers together to create a supercomputer with extremely strong performance. The Cloud Rendering solution is capable of rendering with very high performance and in much less time than conventional PCs. Besides, some of them provide customer services and TD support for technical issues, like 3S Cloud Render Farm.

Generally, a render farm is a cluster of computers used to provide CGI (computer-generated imagery) through a batch processing method. While, a traditional one means building it on your own, which means you need to buy a lot of computers and fix them yourself whenever there is a problem. If you don’t have a stable render, using a cloud render farm would be much better than build an in-house render farm, low cost and higher efficiency.

Putting everything done on the cloud is a kind of trend with high-speed internet connection and large data transmission become more and more available. But the choice between the traditional one and online render farm depends on the needs of the project. But it’s always worth trying the cloud render farms, coz most of them give new users a free trial.

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